Tuesday, January 4, 2011

christmas+new year holiday

though i don't celebrate christmas, it doesn't mean i escape from being happy for it, i got holiday!!!

so, for this short interval of holiday we have, despite having schoolworks in hand, i prefer enjoying it to the fullest.

checklist 1: my sis's reception

the last time we got the whole family united was how many years ago i wonder, and this time it's quite a special occasion as it's the celebration for my sis's wedding. i haven't met her for nearly 2 years actually. well, when my dad said it's not gonna be that big of an event, it still ended up not to be that small. apart form my close relatives, there were also lots of others like my parents' acquaintances which majorly unknown to me. with my dad's recent road accident, a lot of guests were coming. and to add to that, i'm sure they're just curious to see the groom. they must've expected some truly caucasian-look guy, but believe it or not, my bro in-law can have the look of any ethnic, contrary to that expectation LOL.

this was captured at the end of the event, so unfortunately this does not exactly include my whole close relatives. funny when endou-san joked with me whether i can really remember all of my cousins' names, of course i do! ok, not their full names though :P (this is only part of relatives from my dad's side). if we were to combine the whole relatives both from my dad's and mom's side, the lens just won't fit. hahaha

checklist 2: a bit of KL walk

believe it or not, i've never been to KL Tower for twenty years i've been living in its vicinity. this time, for we were showing KL around to my bro in-law who finally set foot to Malaysia for the first time, i got the chance to be up in the air above 200ft (or do i get this wrong?). definitely, i won't refuse to go there again, or better, to go to any other towers to watch such a spectacular sight. it's amazing! apart from that, we also went around other places such as pavillion KL and KLCC. well, i don't know much places of interests in KL if you were to ask me besides the numerous shopping complexes it possesses. but still, next time, i'll be getting to the KLCC bridge for sure.

checklist 3 : new year countdown at Singapore!

this is what i looked forward the most. what makes this so exciting is that it's like our siblings' retreat~ well, it's actually was kinda a honeymoon trip for my sis and her husband, but we also tagged along for the later half of their trip. they had arrived there earlier so we only stayed for a night there to catch the countdown fireworks. it really was a wholesome trip after all. i love it go out with my sis as she would always suggest to stop for food every once in a while. in fact, we had 4 snack stops besides the main dinner-seafood! Singapore is really a nice city. it's clean! (in contrary to some city i'm used to) some people say you can see the city at its dirtiest during new year celebration, yet what i witnessed was that the road-cleaning-machines were already at work barely hours after the countdown. well, how i exactly saw those operating at those hours was because we were actually down at the streets to walk from where we watch the fireworks to our hotel which we reached at 4:30 a.m. lesson i learnt: if you wanna watch fireworks, book hotel nearby the venue. there were just no cabs available for us at the time so we had to drag our feet from clarke's quay to orchard road. nevertheless, it was an interesting night walk.

checklist 4: drama

i got to complete some of the dramas during the break. secret garden is by far the most anticipated drama. oh my, they're really brilliant actors/actresses! adding to that, as a girl i can't be escaped to be enchanted by the hotness of the actors~~

checklist 5: books

i borrowed a few books from sensei the other day and i got to go through 2 of them. 'nihonjin no shiranai nihongo' is so funny! and i got a lot of new infos as well, those things related to that complicated language. it's actually a manga strip collections, accompanied by few compositions regarding particular topics. and interesting read. and the other one of the same genre is 'rikei no hitobito'. truthfully i'm still halfway for this one. nevertheless, it gave me a good laugh how the mangaka puts the life of a science-stream people. for some parts, it might not get to you (the joke), but if you think further, you'll find how amusing it is.

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