Tuesday, September 7, 2010

spring cleaning

is what i'm expected to do this holiday.

and as anyone knows, i'm such a person who just don't bother much with cleaning though i don't appreciate my place to be dirty, but i don't see much points in getting myself tired from arranging stuff and so on, in short to be so damn neat. people might say it's all cluttered but as long as i know where my stuffs are, that's enough. urm, can't deny i always forget where i put my belongings-forgetful me.

well, the point here is, the raya holiday has started!!

and it's 2-weeks (yeaaa, for JAD students, u perfectly know why this is such a heavenly thing). and because my dad does not take so much extra days off for this raya, i actually got about a week with nothing to do (but unfortunately only my dad is working for next week which left me and my mom at home, and ammar in this case).

so, what i already has in my head is the following:

-of coz, raya is a time to eat delicious stuffs
-visiting friends' houses that are nearby-i could ask for someone's help in this
-finishing the novel i borrowed from has-sensei (already halfway now :D)
-typing down the kotoba for 1kyuu preparation and gathering as much help to get this project take off
-start working on the math exercises given by ueno-sensei for saitama daigaku written exam

-learn to cook a dish at least??

ok, i should not set my goals too much or it'll only be unaccomplished like how it often did before.

and, no matter how many times i watched flumpool's latest pv, ryuuta never fails to mesmerize me, aaahhh~


the expression by this boy is priceless

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