Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the angst comes like a storm

plausibly the reason why i barely got to post any entry lately

it's not good to perpetuate such a bad feeling down in writing, right? as the Nac Mac Feegles in my favourite Tiffany Aching series assert, writing lasts for eternity, so its scary. or more accurately, i can't quite put what exactly my feeling is at the moment. they are ceaselessly in turbulence.

at times, i could feel like crying for no relevant reason, but at times i could be extra excited. mood swing?

so, better if i wait until everything calms down and i can think clearly so as to avoid any misunderstanding or whatever mistake i might slip.

so, is this what people call 'teenage angst'? well, i'm still in my teens for a few more months.

Flumpool and Weaver really do serve as a very delightful placebo nevertheless.

i wish i could overcome whatever worry that are haunting my relatively big head. it is just so extremely unsettling. when i thought i should go to the root of the problem, i don't even know what the problem is. am i just having anxiety unnecessarily? or do i actually yearn for somebody to just understand? poor thing i never know how to reach out. even if i send out the SOS signal, i know not what to response when help actually comes. what a troublesome self. urgh, it feels pathetic to realize how pathetic myself is.

breathe in....... breathe out............................ breathe in....... breathe out............................

may i gain inner peace for eternity, amin~

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