Monday, November 14, 2011

We made gyoza! +verbal descriptions

it's somewhat a chinese food but it seems like it's normally made in japanese home. so when my friend came over again last time, this is what we made.

apparently they usually use pork for the 'inti'/fillings but we replaced it with minced chicken. and actually we made 3 types of them. chicken kimchi, chicken miso and chicken umeboshi+cheese.

it was really yummy!

okay, don't ask me for the recipe. i only had to stuff the fillings into the skins and i managed to make that hideous curls (the 3rd picture is my first piece). eventually i was getting good at it though. and actually the gyoza is not fried like in the 5th pix, i had to borrow aluminum foil from others because i don't have the lid for my pan. they are somewhat steamed to produce the delicious gyoza.

oh gyoza! 餃子 <-- i just knew this is the kanji for it.

now i'm looking forward to what we will be cooking next time (or more accurately what Tsubasa-chan will cook). previously she made hamburgers too~~ (look below). but at least i already am resolute to learn how to make miso soup(let's see how serious i'll actually be). i love the miso soup that she makes each time, especially with the dearie mushrooms :D


Has said...

inti apa tu iman? oishisou!

snylo said...

sensei! gomen, xde description. dah malas, letak gambar je. jp ye, sy edit post :P

MatSyuMiya said...

Aaaa~ Iman~
Macam sedap je ;_;
Kalau recipe biasa,gantikan filling pork dengan chicky boleh x?
Macam sedap je XD

snylo said...

syu~~~ mmg iman guna chicken la, xkn nk guna pork plak kot. mmg sedap XD