Saturday, October 22, 2011

days without solitude

are definitely the days i'll have more smiles on my face.

recently my friends have been coming to spend time together more. even in this cramped room, we can still have fun, make food, and sometimes sleep together. well, those are the times i love being in this room. my room which is so clattered, messy, untidy but cozy. we can talk about a whole lot of stuff, though at time when they talk too fast in japanese i can't even catch, but it's still fun.

one of the funny thing is when my friend spent the night, i woke up in the morning, and saw her in the futon and nonchalantly i asked,

"sedap tidur malam tadi? best kan futon tu?"

and i was wondering why she got such a perplexed face upon being asked that ^^"

and now we already have this sorta club of mechanical engineering girls, apparently only my batch has many girls (we have 5!) while other batches only have 1 at best among nearly 100 of boys. when i met the girl who is a junior a year under me, she cannot relax much but it turns out we are actually of the same age! next time, i hope he can wear off all that awkwardness.

so, when i'm spending my time alone in this room, something does feel not right for some reason. as much as i dread the coming monday which means school, i really look forward to it where we can have fun together again.

these things adorning my wall is my only companion on days like now

now, let's get all these works done!

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